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Default Hello; I'm a Rip Van Winkle! What's new in U.S.A.?

On another message board, new members start threads like
Ask the Brain Surgeon
Ask the Serial Killer.
I thought of starting a thread
Ask the Idiot-Savant living like a Hermit in an Asian "Jungle."
but it seemed useless. There'd be no questions about interesting events in the jungle, and lots of questions trying to psychoanalyze the hermit! (Not to mention replies like "Yes, the 'idiot' is obvious. Why the heck do you think you're a 'savant'?")

So ... I'll encourage you to inform me. The last time I visited North America Bill Clinton was President. (And I lived a fairly hermit-like life even then.)

What big differences would catch my eye if I visited the U.S. today?
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